Our Top Apps Of Each Week

25 November

ZARA App | Best Fashion & Shopping App

Best Fashion App

18 November

Signal App

Best Private Messaging App

11 November

Didi Rider App

Finest Ride-Hailing App

4 November

Twitter App

The Best Social Media App

28 October

HBO Max App

Best Live TV Streaming Service

21 October

Evernote App

Best Note-Keeping App

14 October

Tripadvisor App

Best Trip Planning App

7 October

Mint App

Best Budgeting App

30 September

Flipboard App

Best Social News App

How Do We Choose These Apps Of The Week?

We release a new app each week, the top application of the week, a new one after every 7 days. These apps that we choose come from different categories like Food, Transport, On-Demand Services, Health & Fitness, Sports, Entertainment, etc.

Our aim with these apps of the week is to introduce you to the best mobile applications from around the world from every category, whether the application of the week is iOS, Android, Hybrid, or Web-based.

Excellent Webworld has been actively developing the best smartphone apps for almost a decade. You can build the next multi-million dollar app startup by partnering with us.


The apps that you read about in the App Of The Week section are not necessarily developed by us. We are in no way a part of the development team of those apps. Our intention is just to illustrate and inform about the best apps that we find inspiring and world changing.